Our First Cowboy

Bowen 3_edited.jpg

Our blonde haired, blued eyed first baby boy was born on December 9, 2015 at 3:30 am. Oh was that a crazy wild morning getting to the hospital as fast as we could. We pulled up at the hospital and about 5 minutes later he was born. Yes, we laughed afterward he was almost a baby born in the car. He was the most handsome, sweet baby boy.

Fast forward 3 short months to March 3, 2016. Our lives changed forever!

There’s nothing in this world quite like grief. Grief will chase you out of a place you once felt comfortable in, then make you feel guilty for running, most of the time I liken grief to a disease in which there is no cure. In the Spring of 2016 my wife and I lost our first and only son Bowen Shane Boston., he was 3 months old to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or (SIDS). Like most parents, losing a child was something that was horribly unimaginable, and our worst fear but at the time we didn’t necessarily believe that it could or would happen to us. The day Bowen passed and the days following the only thing that I remember well is our family and our community lifting us up and going to full lengths to make sure Ashley, myself and our 3 year old little girl Brindley were taken care of mentally and physically. Being young, grief stricken and confused, there was no way we would be able to handle any responsibilities pertaining to the services other than getting dressed and showing up, so naturally our parents took those responsibilities head on and for that were more than thankful, but that got Ashley and I thinking, what about those who have lost loved ones that didn’t have the community or family support we were so blessed to have?  We decided that we would take our tragedy and turn it into a triumph the only way we knew how. To give back to the community that did not hesitate to give to us in our time of need. Thank you so much for visiting this website, it means the world to us.

It is our goal, to help 3 families in Ellis County that  do not have the funds to bury their child. We want to help a family going through this tragedy to be able to focus on family instead of the financial burden of burying a child. We also would like to sponsor 3 scholarships in Bowen’s name to graduating students’ interest in attending college or trade school.


This is our chance to give back to the community that supported us during our tragedy, thank you all so much for being a part of Bowen’s legacy, it means the world to us all.

Fly high cowboy, we love you!